List of wars in europe

list of wars in europe

This is a list of conflicts in Europe ordered chronologically, including wars between European states, civil wars within European states, wars between a  ‎ BC · ‎ 1st–10th century AD · ‎ 11th century · ‎ 12th century. List of wars – , , Second Muscovite–Lithuanian War Part of the Portuguese battles in the Indian Ocean, Portuguese-Mamluk War and , , Second Xhosa War, European settlers, Xhosa tribesmen. Cause: Schmalkaldic League was an alliance of Lutheran German Princes against Charles V. Result: War ended in a truce. Peace of Augsberg- rulers of. Queen Anne's War Part of the War of the Spanish Succession. American Presidents Who Served in the U. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Asia and the Pacific South-East Asia North and Central Pacific South-West Pacific Europe Western Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East North Africa East Africa Italy West Africa Atlantic North America South America Casualties Military engagements Conferences Commanders. Country data Tsardom of Russia.


Europe Prior to World War I: Alliances and Enemies I PRELUDE TO WW1 - Part 1/3

List of wars in europe - Was Alles

March 24 - Operation Varsity - European Theater. Siege of Rhodes Scramble for Africa — Russo-Japanese War First Moroccan Tangier Crisis —06 Agadir Crisis Italo-Turkish War —12 French conquest of Morocco —12 First Balkan War —13 Second Balkan War ASEAN CIA Comecon EEC KGB Non-Aligned Movement SAARC Safari Club MI6 Stasi. Is considered part of Turkish War of Independence. April - Battle of Greece - Mediterranean. list of wars in europe


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